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Wow. It's been a pretty long while since I was active in any meaningful way on the webz. Just to let you all know, I am NOT dead. I've simply entered the plane of higher education and by damn if it's not a hectic and busy time, especially working two jobs. The next chapter of COTN is in it's late creation stages so hopefully you'll be seeing it within the next 30 days. Once again, I'm so terribly sorry that I haven't been writing in a while. Hope all you lovely people are doing alright. See you sometime soon! (hopefully)


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A hopelessly romantic twentysomething trying to find his way in life.

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markoatonc Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015
I just want to ask, what is the status on Call Of The Night? We are just curious with friends, and while we are used to authors updating after many months. (all of the bigger Fallout: Equestria side stories). We would like to know if it is even worked on.
mister-games Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Happy birthday :D
markoatonc Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
I started to read the call of the night yesterday morning, and finished that same day at night, only now I have chance to comment it. (I am doing it here, as I simply hate that damn reviev system on fanfiction. net)

I really love your story, I am not fan of homosexual romanse, but yours is implemented so well, that I am just skipping more... juicy... moments. Story is deep and multiply layered, hell your story has multiple layers even in comunition, Your world is deep, well built and mysterious, perfect combination. It can easily rival, and surpass, many worlds written by popular authors. 

As for story itself, I like emotional development of characters, It may seems a bit rushed, but I think it is because of time skips. as for their mental state... here you are true master. the perks and problems of melding minds, the fact alo that melding of minds is done properly, many authors thinks that characters would keep their personalities, which is stupid. you have done it right, like mixing of memories and traits to create whole new being when together, telepathy as direct sharing of pure thoughts and ideas istead of voiced messages (which is also stupid but common in books and films).
I like how Astrid's subconscious absorbed somehow Hiccup's imprint on her and gave her some case of split personalities. 
I hope you will write more soon, as I am dying to now what happens next. But, as reader many fanfictions, I know that writting should be done always at personal pace, and for author's own pleasure, so I am not rushing you. 

I will actually copy this as it is, not changing anything, I am lazy, and post as review, on but I still do not trust them.

Ps. sorry for any mistakes or errors, and if it is hard to read because of some weird grammar errors. I write this from photone at school, and English is my secondary language. 
spidermaster14 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
It's a great pleasure to know that my writing has brought such thought and pleasure to another's day. I do apologize for the slow update pace. I've recently been struck by emotional upset in my personal life, but I believe I should be able to step back on it soon. Truly it is a great pleasure to read responses like this. Peace friend.
markoatonc Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Now, if I may, I would like to properly criticize it, I am not going to talk about frammar of vocabulary,  because I am myself not good at that.

First thing, story  first seems a bit weird, yaoi romance? weird slice of life withdrama elements?  Something entirely else? But very quickly is starts go gain shape, I can see you getting your own style sorted out, world starting to form and gaining life in your mind, characters gaining their own personalities. Vikings acting like they should, being suspicious and brutal people. I am reading various fanfictions for fev years now, And I am addict to books from when I was like 7 years old. And recently I started to notice, that many authors decided that they just have to have at least romance in their work, and the closest it is to actual porno elements the better, your story did not escaped it, but it is actually well placed and explained. But I still think, that Hiccup's sudden homosexualizm is just weird, and out of place. Like Toothless somehow influenced his mind with their connection, brainwashed him, even if unintentionally. Form time to time, their lover's talk and behaviour seems forced, weird and alien. 

Another thing. I am happy that you are not trying to please all characters, everything that happens to them, bring also someyhing bad, painful memory, lasting damage to body or mind, and not every chaice is good, those bad one not always turn out to be good. In most books or fanfictions, authors want to please all readers, which means that muat characters must be happy, as every reader have it's own favourite. You can't just keep good things coming, and I am extreamly happy that you are not doing that.

Some elements of their emotions are changing to suddenly, I actually have some social disorder that keeps me from keeping any emotion towards others for long, I can't hate or love anyone, but your charates don't have it,  and some are (mostly hiccup) waay to quick to forbade or calm down.

I have almost nothing to the add about psychological part of story, as it is really good, excellent even. Maybe at the beggining, but this do not matter. Well This taking away someone's thoughts is weird and kind of illogical.  (if some things J am or will be talking about are not from your story, Please excuse my. I am reading like 15 different chapters form 10 diffent stories a day, so I might mix something up)

As for the world itself. The world is se and alive, tnoghs happen around, even if story is not following them directly. Some rules for world are established, and is is surprisingly well build with all species, abilities and history. It is very multilayered, foth past and future, with past beautifully introduced in way of story, memory, or saved esences of old teachers. And future foreshadowed with puzzles and mysteries. I can see that you keep coming with ideas, and some are introduced out of blue, like wolfs, who are not only as advanced as Shades, but also having strong magic. But wuth charactes being completely new to this world it is explainable.
Some things still need explaination,  I would like to know, for example, hot was Hiccup using runed to fire flames from hand, or thise high jumpes, You wrote, that runes inscribed in flesh,  once activated, keeps working and draining power untill nulified with canceling rune. maybe you did this on purpose, and it will be explained  or was explained earlier. Either way, for now it seems wrong to me. 

Astrid's story is nice change, gives different point of view. What is happenigh to her mostly makes sense, while still being mysterious and interesting. (Who is that dragon, and did she just started to have similar symptoms like hiccup at the beginning?  Even if different,  because without that bond, and accidental memory dump.) And she still fells something towards hiccup.

I really like your plot twists. The Three, Ito, Berk... and of course Ryshkaa, god I love this character, her story is so deep and touching for being so short, her personality is something fresh, different. She is now certainly my favourite character  I hope she is going to have some greater role there
And last, but not least,  the length,  it does not matter how long ot takes you to make new chapter, the fact that you got so fat without getting any money, or anything other than your own pleasure and very happy readers. This is how books should look like, not for money and threatened by publisher with loosing contach and money for life, but for pleausere and those threatening you being your readers and friends only wanting to help you, (and of course read new chapter).

Overally, I can certainly put it above many writers of actual books, and put in on my list of the best stories, said list having like 10 titles (each series represent by one overall rating) and with amount of things I read, this is something. Thank you. Thank yiu for making this story. 

Ps. Why am I writing this? Beceause I fell I need to, and this story deserves it. And sorry for how long it is, and I hope you managed to get trought this gigantic thing filled with errors. 

markoatonc Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
I hate to write from phone here. Why there is no edit function? Still beats reviews, as there is no way to even respond to those. most errors are spelling mistakes or words, and even whole sentences,  that mysteriously disappeared, even as I am sure I wrote them 
Like fragment: 
"The world is se and
alive, tnoghs happen around, even if story is
not following them directly. Some rules for
world are established, and is is surprisingly
well build with all species... "
 Should be:
"The world is complete and alive, things happen around characters, even if story is not following them directly, mentioning them later. Some rules are established, and it is surprisingly well build with its all species..."
But I think you can understand what I meant,
markoatonc Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
I would write a bit more about this story, but am am at school, so sorry fo such short review
Tilly-Towell Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the awesome :iconfav3dplz: much appreciated! :heart:
killjoyrule Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013
I quite enjoy your fanfic can't wait to see all about hiccups training in magic and poor toothless being seperated from his boy :( all in all I realy am impresed whith your work call of the night rocks lol
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spidermaster14 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
I'm just happy nice reader such as yourself manage to make it past the horrendous errors of the early chapters. ^__^
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